How to Install GT IPTV App For Android & Firesticks

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GT IPTV app is a great application for android based devices and firesticks where you can enjoy the best IPTV content for free all within one single android app.

Warning: You should never use a Free IPTV app as your main IPTV provider due to the quality of streams as no free IPTV will beat the likes of a quality IPTV provider. 

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What Is GT IPTV App

The GT ip tv app is an IPTV-based application that gives you access to a number of free IPTV streams to watch from your firestick or android device.

The streams work free whether you are using the GTiptv app on your android smartphone, android box, or amazon firestick.

Why Use GT IPTV App

This app will get you some free IPTV channels which should be premium and covers live sport streamskids TV, and International TV channels.

You can also stream the latest sporting events for free and pay-per-view sports events at no cost.

GT IPTV app does not beat having a real IPTV subscription from an IPTV provider such as iview HD IPTV due to the limited number of free channels you get and their Quality.

Using a real IPTV supplier such as iview HD IPTV will provide you with thousands more IPTV streams to watch at a low cost.

Currently GT IPTV has been updated to GT IPTV 5, watch Guatemala’s channel completely free of charge. And the application can be installed on Android phones, TV boxes, Google TV, Chromecast, Xiaomi TV, Android Smart TV, tablets, Firestick lite, firestick cube, firestick 4k and PC Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11 / xp, Mac OSX.

What TV Channels Come With GT IPTV App

With GT IPTV you can choose from many different categories here is just a selection of live IPTV channels which come free with the android app.

National Channels

  • In this category, you will get to choose from channels like Channel 3, Channel 7, television, TN 23, Guatevision, Visof TV, Telephone, Play Medios, Television, Canal Antigua, TV Landscape, TV Azteca Guate, TVs, TDS, TV USAC, RTV Rhema, Nuestra Imagen, RTVida, Peniel, NimTV, Like Before TV, etc.

International Channels

  • In this category, you will get international TV channels such as Azteca Uno, CNN Chile, RT Espanol, CDO, TVP, Azteca Mas, TSI, Channel 11 HN, HCH, Channel 5, Cachi Pum TV, City TV, Once TV, Telemusica, DW, ADN 40, Bolivision, SNT, ATV, FoxMix, etc.

Premium TV

  • You can also catch some premium TV channels like Telemundo, Las Estrellas, Azteca 7, TNT, TNT Series, AXN, Space, AMC, Cinecanal, Cinemax, Discovery Channel, ID, Discovery H&H, History, NatGeo, GoldenFX, Max Prime, A&E, Warner Channel, etc.

Kids TV

  • Included in GT IPTV are many premium kids channels such as Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Disney Channel, Discovery Kids, Tiin, NatGeo Kids, and Nick Jr.


  • The app also includes a live sports section where you can get popular sports IPTV channels like ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, Fox Sports, Fox Sports 2, TDN, UDN, and Fox Sports 3.

Fox Premium

  • If you enjoy Fox content you will like this category which includes Fox, Action, Family, Cinema, Life, Movies, Series, and Classics.


  • Also, the app covers all the premium HBO channels which are HBO, HBO 2, Family, Signature, and HBO plus.

Features Of GT IPTV 

While it being free is a big plus here are some of the features the GTIPTV app has:

  • A good alternative to paid IPTV
  • Watch many premium IPTV channels for free
  • Has a nice user interface
  • Can customize the user interface
  • Has separate categories for both adults and Kids
  • Easily search for your best TV channels
  • Has own built-in video players and support for external video players
  • Supports 720p, 1080p and some 4K IPTV channels
  • Can use Chromecast inside the app
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS
  • Can choose multi languages inside the app

How To Download And Install GT IPTV App On Android Or Firestick


Before you download and install the GT IPTV app you will need to make sure whatever device you are going to use that you have enabled sources from unknown sources so you don’t run into any issues when installing the app.

Once you have done the above, simply follow the below steps:

  1. On your android based device or firestick go to the web browser or the app “Downloader
  2. Then enter this URL in
  3. Now the IPTV device will start to download this app
  4. Open the app once the download has finished
  5. Inside the GT IPTV app choose what category you want to watch free IPTV from

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What IPTV Categories Does GT IPTV App Have?

Here is a list of IPTV categories the GT IPTV App has for you to choose from:

  • National
  • International
  • Fox Premium
  • Sports
  • Kids
  • HBO Go 

Final Thoughts

Sometimes it’s good to have a few free IPTV apps on your android device or firestick just in case your main paid IPTV provider has any issues it allows you to have a backup that is free.

GT IPTV is a great little IPTV app that is perfect for using as a backup for your main IPTV provider’s streams in case you have any downtime with your current IPTV supplier.