iviewhd plus iptv

iview HD Plus

With iview HD Standard package, 7 days catch up (playback) for over 200+ very important channels, recording function for catch up channels, with important sports and events.

iviewHD IPTV

iview HD

Reliable and stable IPTV TV service over 4 years, 1000+ Live and popular channels for Europe, VOD with over 3000+ latest movies, 7 Days EPG function with Gild and Classic format.


iview HD Plus Sub-Device

The Sub-Device code is only be activated when you have the iview HD Plus code used already. And one code to one device. One master iview HD Plus code can support most two sub-devices.

Most Popular Supported Devices

These are some most popular supported devices by us:

  • Android Boxes
  • Android Phones & Pad
  • Fire TV Box
  • Fire Stick
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Samsung(Smart TV)
  • LG(Smart TV)
  • Enigma 2(All Versions)
  • Zgemma
  • Vu Plus
  • Dreambox(All Versions)
  • Openbox

Some frequently asked questions about our IPTV APK:

Iview IPTV Can run on Android Device like Samsung Mobile phone, PAD, TV Box, Smart TV, Fire Stick, Fire TV, Shield TV,NVIDIA SHIELD box, Enimga2 DVB Box and so on.

Our APKs are compatible to Android TV Box, Android Mobile phone, PAD and other android devices. 1.For moblie phones and PAD, please install the PAD version. 2.For Android TV Box, Please install the STB version. 3.fire tv,firesitck,Nvidia shield, please in stall the STB version by USB. 4.For other devices like Enigma2, please contact us for special service.

1.Please make sure you install the correct version according to your device. 2.Please chceck you device setting allow the apk or not.