What is iView HD Plus?

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There are both Live TV and Video on Demand. With the iView HD Plus version there are 200 main channels with Catch-up TV. Just go back on the enhanced EPG program display to the program you would like to watch, select and press OK. It is so easy and simple to use.

The live TV has a high frame rate so just looks like watching normal quality TV. Each channel is very consistent and works without stuttering on as little as 2.5mbs download. The consistency of the streams is exceptionally good. Channel hopping is very fast and becomes addictive and not a chore.

Live TV has a full 7 days EPG program data, so you can check on what programs are coming up later in the day or week. In the Channel List each channel shows what is currently being broadcast, making program selection easy.

Video on Demand has both the latest films and TV Series. Films are categorized into their year of release for easy selection. TV Series are all the popular current programs, such as Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Happy Valley, Ray Donavan, The Grand Tour and all popular series current and recent.

You have 40Gb of storage space allocated to you on the server, to use for recording programs of your choice. Schedule a recording from the EPG. Once you schedule a recording it does not matter whether your device is switched on or off at the time of the recording. It does not matter if you are watching the anther channel, the scheduled event will be recorded by the server. Recordings stay on the server for you to watch anytime whilst you remain an iview HD Plus subscriber.

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