iview HD Review – Best IPTV of UK 2023

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Product Name: iview HD IPTV Sitemap

iview iptv review

Product Description: IP Lock IPTV service provider (no VPN allowed) delivers 1000+ live channels and premium channels from over 18 countries. Also delivers 1000s of on-demand movies, sports, TV series. Features include record, add to favorites, catch-up TV, and parental control. Connect one device from one of two subscription packages or choose a family subscription package to more than 2 extra device connections. Can watch movies, news, sports, and more. The UK channels are excellent.

SIDENOTE: iview HD offers a wide variety of different content from all over the world; however, the main highlights are definitely some of the top sports streaming channels that provide users with a reliable way to watch their favorite sports and teams.

Offer price: $19.99 and Up

Currency: USD

Availability: OnlineOnly

IPTV code: Code sent to you instantly once order.

iview HD IPTV Review

A good alternative to a cable at a lower cost for those who don’t need access to all premium channels. Many channels and premium channels are included out of 18 countries or so. Anyone can sign up and watch no matter the country s/he lives in. Only one device connection for one IP address is allowed. Cannot share iview account with another individual that uses a different IP address. Can watch many shows, sports, movies, news, and so on.

In the UK, it is hard to find the best IPTV service for British channels. But I’ve done a lot of research on the subject, found a number of IPTV providers in the UK, and tried both paid and free trials of these services, but nothing is as good as they claim.

Based on my good and bad experiences, I would like to share with you thought. I highly recommend that many IPTV service providers use UK channels or other service providers that can be accessed using IPTViview.com

There are around 1000+ channels, primarily English US/UK, an impressive lineup of German-speaking and Greece channels, and countless Sports programs.

There is a 72h trial that allows you to thoroughly test the service before committing to a longer subscription.

The streaming quality of IPTViview is excellent and I was able to watch the adult channels in HD and in a smooth manner.

Get this IPTV Instant Trial and then decide wisely whether you want to be a permanent user of IPTViview or not.

SIDENOTE: There are a number of valuable sports channels in the UK and Sports Channels category. 

For IPTV Free Trial, Subscription & Additional Info, Click Here

Can choose one of four subscription packages from the iview HD or iview HD Plus category. Can get 2 extra devices for a total of 3 device connections when purchasing the Plus Sub-Device 12-month package. Compatible with many devices but not compatible with computers, M3U files, or MAG250. Recommend buying/using Amazon Fire TV Stick (Firestick) to connect with HDTV/smart TV. 

SIDENOTE: In this IPTV tutorial post you will learn how to use iview IPTV on Firestick.


  • · 1000+ of live and premium TV channels
  • Over 18 countries
  • 1000s of on-demand movies (latest included), sports & TV series w/ episodes
  • Watch movies, sports, shows, news, etc.
  • Record live channels
  • Watch catch up TV
  • Add channels and videos to favorites
  • Parental control
  • Free trial
  • Subscription plans to meet every budget


  • Some channels must be played again to work
  • Not all premium channels included
  • No regional or local channels
  • One device connection only; must pay separate 12-month for 2 extra devices
  • Record & Catch Up features requires some extra learning but doable

Iview IPTV Review (Iview Plus Review) by Real User and Tester. Unlike most other IPTV services, iview HD takes on somewhat a different approach. The approach in delivering live and on-demand streams is different including the app itself. That said, the setup is different also.

You get access to over 1000 live channels in SD and HD quality (1080p) from many different countries. primarily English US/UK, an impressive lineup of German-speaking and Greece channels, and countless Sports programs.

There is a 72h trial that allows you to thoroughly test the service before committing to a longer subscription.

Get this Free IPTV Trial and then decide wisely whether you want to be a permanent user of iview IPTV or not.

Who Is It For?

This IPTV service seems to cater more to TV viewers living outside the US. There are many countries included with channels in different languages. But I would have to think US channels will be included again at some point and time.

It doesn’t matter where you live in the world, anyone can get access to this IPTV service and watch the same streaming content.

Whether or not you are new to IPTV services and installing apps, I suggest reading everything on the iview website. You also need to read their FAQs section and Tutorial section. You need to know what all is needed to get set up and use the app once it’s connected to the IPTV service.

Features/Benefits Include

In my iview IPTV review, I found there aren’t that many feature enhancements but one I know you will like that enables you to record.

  • Over 1000 live channels from many different countries
  • 3000 last movies in VOD
  • 7 Days EPG access to your device
  • Free test with 3 days for one device
  • Over 200 Live Channels with 7 Days Catch Up (Playback)
  • PVR recording function in Extra subscription package only
  • Family package to connect 2 extra devices
  • Parental control to restrict others
  • Add to Favorites
  • Time Seek (shift) – can forward/rewind live channel in 30s increments
  • Subscription packages to fit your budget

IPTV PVR (Record)

iptv service with cloud dvr

You can record live channels when clicking the Live icon on the main screen. When playing a live channel, you can open the ‘EPG Detail’ screen with 3 bottoms at the bottom (Play, Record & Record Series).

Click the ‘Record’ button and you will be prompted on-screen with ‘Add Record Task Success’ which the recording has begun. You can also schedule a recording when clicking the ‘Record Series’ button.

I won’t go through all the details and steps here. I suggest opting into the iview Free Trial first to test everything on your device.

Catch Up TV

record iptv stream

The Catch-UP TV feature is somewhat tricky. It certainly had me fooled at first whereas I thought this feature was not included. How to watch Catch TV is better explained through iview tutorial HERE.

You can follow the steps in the tutorial to learn how to do this on your own. You get 7 days of Catch Up recordings by iviewTV. They record many TV programs from TV networks/channels for you. But not all channels have to Catch Up.

The way to tell if a channel has to Catch Up is by looking at the EGP (TV guide) to see what channels show the video recorder image or icon. Watch the video to see how I was able to find a recorded TV program from a number of them and play the Catch-UP TV program.

You also need to know how to get out of Catch Up which’s also shown in the video. Unfortunately, there is no manual to learn how to record, watch iview IPTV Catch Up, and Add to Favorites.

How to Watch iview IPTV Catch Up

It’s important that you read the FAQs and Tutorials when visiting the iview HD website. In the Tutorials section, you will find an article called…

IPTV with catch up and Record

Read the article. They also provide a YouTube URL but more than likely you won’t get it. 

As for adding channels to favorites, you can do this for VOD movies and TV series. You can do this for any live TV channel.

You can watch iview HD Catch Up and Add to Favorites at will once you get all the steps down. Keep in mind this IPTV service with an app is a bit different from other IPTV services. Playing/watching channels and VODs are easy to do but it takes some understanding and practice to use the features.

I’ve tested, reviewed, and used many IPTV services and apps but this IPTV took me a little longer to figure out some of the features. You can contact support with questions. They usually respond within 24 hours.

After learning how to watch iview IPTV Catch Uphow to Add to Favorites, and how to record iview IPTV channels, I am now able to do all 3 with great ease. Practice makes perfect which will be the same for you.

Add to Favorites


You can add live channels to Favorites as well as on-demand videos to Favorites. There are two sections for Favorites: One for live TV and one for videos.

When the channel plays in full screen, press the 3-line button on the Firestick remote. The Account Info screen appears. In the left column, scroll down to Fav Manage. You will see the list of channel names in numerical order with a gold star for each channel.

Simply scroll to the right under the Current Favorites section and select a channel to Add to Favorites. The empty gold star is now filled in. You can click the filled-in gold star for the channels to remove it from Favorites. You will now see an empty gold star.

To find channels added to favorites whereas the gold star is filled in for the channel, simply click the middle button inside the ring on the Firestick remote to get the EPG (TV guide). Scroll left to the TV section listing, and then scroll up/down to highlight the Fav section.

Now you will see the channel(s) you added to Favorites. Simply click the click the channel of interest to play it. You can do the thing when in the VOD section with slightly different steps.

iview HD IPTV Review: Interface, Performance, Streaming Content

Because iview IPTV is an IP Lock IPTV service, you cannot use an IPTV VPN service to hide your IP address. You cannot share your iview account/subscription with another individual living outside your household that has a different IP address.

In other words, with one iview account/subscription, you can connect one device only using one IP address. The same thing when traveling, you can connect one device only such as a smartphone that uses a different WiFi connection. It is not clear if other compatible devices can be used at this time when traveling.

Compatible Devices

Here’s a list of compatible devices that you can use. However, only one device can be used when choosing the iview Standard or iview Plus subscription. You can add two more devices when adding iview Sub-Devices subscription for an additional cost.

  • Android Smart TV
  • Android Tablet
  • Android PAD, Smartphones
  • Samsung Android Phone
  • NVIDIA Shield
  • Smart TV(Android OS)
  • Zgemma
  • Dreambox (All Versions)
  • FireStick & Fire TV Box
  • Vu Plus
  • Pixel
  • Enigma 2 (All Versions)
  • Xiaomi Phone/Boxes

Whether you have or don’t have any of the compatible devices above, I recommend buying/using the Amazon Fire TV Stick. It’s cheaper in price but a powerful streaming media device. It comes with remote control and Alexa voice (voice commands). You can search and find many different types of apps including an app to install Apk files which are very important when using the Firestick device.

For Free Trial, Subscription & Additional Info, Click Here


After installing the iview app to my Firestick, I found it easy to navigate the app connected to the iview IPTV service and play streams. You don’t need a manual to learn from, just some time to see where everything is located. Once you see where to get access to live channels and VOD including the Record section if using the Extra subscription, things begin to get easier.

Keep in mind that you must enter the Activation Code in the app first in order to get access to the streaming content to watch everything online.

If you are very new to IPTV services, then this will take you a little more time after the setup process.

Overall, the interface is user-friendly but some of the features will take extra time learning such as Record, Add to Favorites, and Setting Parental Controls. Again, watch my video reviews. Once you get the understanding, everything eventually becomes childsplay.


iview HD claims to not have buffering issues but I found that no IPTV service is perfect and without some buffering issues. Just make sure you have a 30 Mbps Internet connection (download) speed. But higher or faster the speed is always better.

For instance, my ISP (Internet Service Provider) which is Comcast gives over 200 Mbps. This doesn’t mean I’ll get that amount for each device I use but I get more than enough speed.

During my iview IPTV review, I did come across buffering issues and a number of them. However, because I’m very familiar with these IPTV services I knew what to do to correct the issue.

When playing a live channel and all I get is buffering and couldn’t watch the live stream, I selected other live channels that were working. Then I went back to the previous channel that didn’t work and it played.

This method worked 95% of the time whenever I came across a channel with continuous buffering and didn’t play. Only a few channels didn’t play at all but I know if I come back to those non-working channels sometime later, they may play as well. So keep this in mind when you come across a non-working channel.

Overall, the performance is good when navigating through different channel and video categories to watch live and on-demand streams.

Streaming Content

When opening the app, the main screen will appear with 3 icons as follows:

1. VOD (movies genres & TV series w/ seasons & episodes)

2. Live (find all live channels from different countries)

3. Rec (Record)

All live channels appear in the EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) which a TV guide and works rather well when locating channels a channel.

The vast majority of live and on-demand streams I tested/played worked. I tested many channels from all the countries and the vast majority worked. I could resolve the buffering issue that I show how previously.

The buffering only occurs when first playing the channel but this doesn’t happen for the vast majority of channels. Once the channel is played again after stopping it, no more buffering occurred for that channel.

So I would say the buffering is insignificant because there is a solution. Both live and on-demand streams played rather quickly if no buffering when first playing a channel. I did not experience any buffering play on-demand movies and TV series.

There are no local channels, regional channels, or pay-per-view events. You do get access to recorded boxing events that appeared live on PPV previously.

List of Categories Countries, Genres Included

In the Live section:

All, Sports, Fav, History, UK, Germany, Italia, USA (test), France, Greece, Arabic (sport), Netherlands; Belgium, Turkey, Asian Packs, Pakistani, H265(test), EPL, Cyprus, Arabic, Russia, Bulgaria, Albania, Balkan, F.Y.R.O.M,
Music, News, and Other.

In the VOD section:

  • · Latest (recent videos added)
  • Recommend
  • TV Serial (w/ seasons & episodes)
  • Sports (also included recorded boxing matches)
  • History (tracks what you watch previously)
  • Fav


Comedy, Action, Adventure, Crime, Sic-Fi; Horror, Mystery, Fantasy, Romance, Family, Animation, Biography, History, Documentary, War, Sports, Musical, Terror, Plot, and Others

Free Trial, Subscriptions, Money Back Guarantee, Support

IPTV Free Trial

free iptv trial

You can opt into the 3-day trial as I did. I ended up making a mistake and went ahead and purchased the iview HD Plus subscription for one month. Be sure the watch the Free Trial and Subscription video (see video button at top) to avoid making the same sign-up mistake.

These 3 categories of subscriptions with each having a 3-day trial link. The link for all three takes you to the same free trial page where you choose which subscription category you want such as iview HD, iview HD Plus & iview HD Plus Sub-Devices.

When the trial ends, you decide whether or not to buy the subscription. Some sports are not available in the trial but it seems everything else is included. No credit card is required for the trial period. When purchasing any one of the subscription packages, you must use a Visa card or MasterCard.


Here’s a breakdown of the 3 categories of subscriptions packages – each comes with a 3-day trial:

iview HD iview HD Plus iview HD Plus Sub-Device
1 Month $19.99 USD $39.99 USD/
3 Months $49.99 USD $79.99 USD/
6 Months $79.99 USD $129.99 USD/
12 Months $139.99 USD $199.99 USD $89.99 USD

Get Free Trial, Buy IPTV

The iview HD Plus and Sub-Device work hand and hand. Let me explain…

You can only connect one device to the iview HD subscription and iview HD Plus subscription. If you want more device connections, then you must pay for the 12-month Sub-Device subscription to get 2 extra device connections. This will give you a total of 3 device connections.

In other words, you would pay the iview Plus 1, 3, 6, 12-month subscription and pay the iview Plus Sub-Device 12-month subscription (60% percent discount).

There is no automatic rebill. To renew, you will need to subscribe again. You can pay for any one of the subscription packages you want (1, 3, 6, or 12 months). Before you opt into the trial or subscription, you must first register to create a free account by clicking the ‘Login / Register’ link at the iview website.

Money-Back Guarantee (Refund)

There is a Refund Policy link that you will find at the bottom of the iview website. I suggest clicking that link to learn more. The first thing you should do is enter into the 3-day free trial so that you can test everything on your device with the app installed.

24/7 Support

There is support but they respond within 24 hours when contacting them. I contacted them a few times and they got back to me with answers to my questions. English doesn’t appear to be their first language but I could understand what they told me for the most part.

You contact them via support email, Contact Form, or the chatbox on their website.

iview IPTV Review: Pros & Cons


You get SD and HD picture quality when playing live channels and on-demand movies/TV series. The vast majority of channels tested played even when channels didn’t play at first. When playing a channel and it buffers and doesn’t play, just play another channel and then go back to the non-working channel to play it again. It will play.

Users can watch live channels with sports, movies, shows, news, etc. There are many on-demand movies and TV series and you can use the Search tool to search by title.

The best feature of all is the ability to record live channels and store them for up to 7 days with 40 hours of recording time. Both the live channel and VOD sections have their Add to Favorites.

There are other features like Parental Control, time View (shift) that lets you rewind/forward the live channel by 30-second increments.

All live channels appear in the EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) which a TV guide.

The free trial lets you test the app and service for up to 3 days without using a credit card. There is no recurring billing so you will need to renew your subscription manually. This way you are not charged automatically and don’t need to go through a cancellation process. Just don’t renew.


Understanding how to sign up to get the free trial, subscription, install the app, and get everything set up will take some time and maybe somewhat confusing at first. To avoid making mistakes, I highly suggest reading the FAQs section and Tutorials when visiting the website. Also, watch my iview Plus review videos which should help you even more.

There will be times when playing a channel, it will start buffering and not play. This is to be expected when using this IPTV service and app which is unlike the others.

However, the solution is an easy one. Just stop the channel and replay it again. You do this by playing a different channel. Then go back to the previous non-working channel and it will play.

The good news is once the channel plays no more buffering but when coming back to play that channel sometime later, you may need to do the same thing again to make the channel play.

During my iview IPTV review, I did come across channels with no audio from the Pakistan and India sections. You can check the FAQs to learn more and know what to do as there is some troubleshooting information there.

At one time, USA channels were included but now removed. I don’t know what happened but I contacted support about it.

There are no local channels, not many premium channels, and no PPV events but there are a fair number of channels available from each country. Some countries have more or fewer channels than others.

It will take some time to learn how to record, add to favorites, and how to watch catch-up TV. For this, you will need to watch my video tutorials. But once you have the steps down, this becomes a piece of cake to do.

The subscription costs are comparable to other IPTV services out there but the subscription cost for the sub-devices that cover a 12-month period for 2 extra devices is questionable. At least, there’s a free trial to see whether or not this IPTV service is worth shelling out any money.


In all due honesty, with US channels not available right now, iview is more suitable for TV viewers living outside the US. Either that or TV viewers living in the US that want to watch live channels from another country.

I don’t know if they will bring the US channels back anytime soon but for now, the UK category has the only English channels. As for on-demand movies and TV series, you’ll find them in English

The free trial without a credit card is a no-brainer which should make you comfortable to test this IPTV service with the app. There are many entertainment channels with some premium channels included to watch movies, news, sports, etc.

There are many live sports channels with some on-demand sports and some of that includes boxing. You’ll find plenty of on-demand movies with genres and TV series with episodes.

One of the main highlights of using iview IPTV is the Record and Catch Up features. When playing live channels or on-demand videos, you get SD and HD picture quality.

There are some pluses and minuses using this IPTV. Each individual is different so you have to weigh everything yourself when opting into the free trial to get a better look.

This Concludes Our IVIEW IPTV Review

Get Your IPTV Free Trial, Subscription, or Additional Info Here

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  • Soccer: Football is one of the most popular sports in the UK. The English Football League (EFL) and the English Premier League are the most popular soccer leagues in the UK.
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In short, there are many different types of sports activities in the UK, and these are popular sports loved by the British people.

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