What Time is 15:23?

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If you have been wondering about what time is 15:23, then you have come to the right place.

What time is 15:23 in regular time = 03:23 PM
What time is 15:23 in military time = 1523

15:23 = 3:23 PM

Clock FormatTime
24 hour clock15:23
12 hour clock (AM/PM)3:23 PM

What Time are 15:23 Hours?

This page shows you what 15:23 is in AM/PM (12 hours) format. The time 15:23 may also be expressed in military time. In this format, it may be called 1523 hours. This is also the same as 3:23 PM in 12-hour time.

24-hour clock12-hour clock
15:1803:18 PM
15:1903:19 PM
15:2003:20 PM
15:2103:21 PM
15:2203:22 PM
15:2303:23 PM
15:2403:24 PM
15:2503:25 PM
15:2603:28 PM
15:2703:27 PM
15:2803:28 PM

How to convert from 24-hour to 12-hour format

The conversion from 24-hour (or military) time to 12-hour (AM/PM) time is quite simple. In 12-hour times, the day is split into two distinct parts: before noon and afternoon. When the time is before noon (12:00 in 24-hour time), we append “AM” to the time. When the time is afternoon (after midday), we append “PM”.

Let’s start with a simple case, times that are before noon.

Example: 07:30

  • The time is before noon (before 12:00), therefore we append “AM”
  • 07:30 is equal to 7:30 AM

Things are slightly different in the second half of the day. In a 12-hour clock, as the name suggests, we only count up until 12. In the afternoon, we take the 24-hour time and subtract 12 hours from it to get the 12-hour time.

Example: 16:25

  • The time is afternoon (after 12:00), therefore we append “PM”
  • The time is afternoon, therefore we subtract 12 from the hour: 16 – 12 = 4
  • 16:25 is equal to 4:25 PM

What is 15:23 in Military Time?

Fun facts: The 24-hour clock is sometimes called military time. Also, the “am” and “pm” in the 12-hour clock stand for “ante meridiem” and “post meridiem”, which come from Latin. They mean “before midday” and “after midday” respectively.

15:23 in military time is 1523.

Below you can determine the military time name, letter, and time offset of 1523 for all military time zones as shown in the UTC time zone map.

This table defaults to the Zulu time zone (UTC +0).

Time ZoneLetterUTC offsetMilitary Time24-hour12-hour
YankeeY-121523Y03:2303:23 AM
X-rayX-111523X04:2304:23 AM
WhiskeyW-101523W05:2305:23 AM
VictorV-91523V06:2306:23 AM
UniformU-81523U07:2307:23 AM
TangoT-71523T08:2308:23 AM
SierraS-61523S09:2309:23 AM
RomeoR-51523R10:2310:23 AM
QuebecQ-41523Q11:2311:23 AM
PapaP-31523P12:2312:23 PM
OscarO-21523O13:2301:23 PM
NovemberN-11523N14:2302:23 PM
ZuluZ01523Z15:2303:23 PM
AlphaA+11523A16:2304:23 PM
BravoB+21523B17:2305:23 PM
CharlieC+31523C18:2306:23 PM
DeltaD+41523D19:2307:23 PM
EchoE+51523E20:2308:23 PM
FoxtrotF+61523F21:2309:23 PM
GolfG+71523G22:2310:23 PM
HotelH+81523H23:2311:23 PM
IndiaI+91523I00:2312:23 AM
KiloK+101523K01:2301:23 AM
LimaL+111523L02:2302:23 AM
MikeM+121523M03:2303:23 AM


What time is it 15 23?

03:23 PM

What time is 15:23 in the military?


Is 15:23 in the morning?

No, 15:23 stands for 03:23 PM

How to Say 15:23

15:23 is pronounced fifteen twenty-three, twenty-three minutes past fifteen, thirty-seven minutes to sixteen

03:23 PM is pronounced three twenty-three pm, twenty-three minutes past three pm, thirty-seven minutes to four pm

1523 is pronounced one-five-two-three hours, fifteen twenty-three hours

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