3 ways to set up IPTViview APK on Formuler Z8

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Formuler Z8 has a Gigabit LAN, which is a key connection when you want to stream 4K content. This may be the best feature for Formuler Z8, and there is no other TV box on the market that is close to the 4K Ultra HD that the Z8 offers. It handles the high resolution of 60hz that every IPTV user and gamer craves for.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to bring the iviewHD IPTV channel to your device in FormulerZ8.

How to set up the iviewHD IPTV on the Formuler Z8?

1. Download the iviewHD IPTV APK to your computer, put it on a USB stick, put the USB stick on formula Z8, and finally install it from there using Z8’s file manager.
2. Download the iviewHD IPTV apk file and install it by using the Formuler Z8 web browser.
3. Download Downloader from Google Play Store to your Formuler Z8, enter iviewHD IPTV APK URL download and install.
4. Install the ES File Explorer app on the Formuler Z8 and enable the FTP service which will then allow you to move files to and from the Z8 and a computer.
iviewHD IPTV is a sports-based service for the UK, Australia, Ireland, Greece, and Germany, with many local live channels. Click here for a fast IPTV subscription.

By using a U disk

The method of installing and applying to the Formuler via the USB is called a side loader.
Thus, you can also install the iviewHD Apk via the sideload.
Side-load application step-by-step guide
1. Format external drives using the NTFS file system, such as the USB dongle.
2. Click here to the iviewHD Website, click the Download button to download the iviewHD APK file to your PC
3. Save the downloaded file to the U disk.
4. Plug the USB drive into your device.
5. Go to Home> File Manager / File Browser application and install the application.
6. Press the Back or Exit button on the remote control to return to the home screen.
7. Find the installed iviewHD Apps from the MyApps section or the list of installed apps.

By using the Formuler Z8 web browser

On a Z8 the default settings are to permit the installation of any apps from any source. so there is no need to enable or allow developer options unless you have changed those settings.
1. Open the browser and enter the iviewHD website: “https://iptviview.com/”
2. Click to Download —— Click on iviewHD APK Package—— to download the APK of the correct device
3. Then install the iviewHD app using the file manager brought with Z8
4. Find the installed iviewHD Apps from the MyApps section or the list of installed apps.

By using the Downloader

1. Open the Google Play store and search for AFTVnews’s Downloader

2. Install and start the downloader

3. Accept any permissions from the application request. If you reject them, the application will not run.
4. On the Home tab, it requires a URL.Enter this link:
-iviewHD Website: https://www.iptvapkdownload.com/app/stbivb
-iviewHD Plus Website: https://www.iptvapkdownload.com/app/stbivpr
-iviewHD Plus device Website: https://www.iptvapkdownload.com/app/substb
You may receive a security prompt that will send you to Settings. enable the slider next to Downloader to give it the necessary security permissions to install apps on your shield. Once enabled, go back to the downloader and resume from step 4.
5. Start the iviewHD application
Excellent IPTV service is now available on your Formuler Z8. I hope this tutorial will help you.

How to install IPTV on Smart TV?


What does the Formuler Z8 do?

FORMULER Z8 PRO provides all the required connectivity to watch your over-the-top (OTT) 4K streaming contents. Formuler’s exclusive MYTVOnline2 is the best media viewing platform in the market providing users with a refined and professional User Interface.

What is Formuler Z8 box?

The dimensions of the Formuler Z8 are 105mm x 105mm x 22 mm. This square box is very compact and narrow making it easy to place in different places. Stream videos, record videos and play games on the IPTV box. 4K 60fps picture quality combined with rich sound. Runs on Android Oreo.

Does Formuler support Netflix?

Netflix is not supported on Formuler devices.

How to install apk on Formuler?

Find and download an app with an APK file format to your PC. Save the downloaded file into the USB drive. Insert the USB drive into your device. Go to Home > File Manager/File Browser app and install the app.

What is the best IPTV app for Formuler Z8?

The mytvonline 2 app cant be downloaded or accessed from any other device and is exclusive to formuler devices as it is their unique selling point so to speak. The app provides the greatest IPTV experience I have seen to date just add your IPTV service provider portal url and your good to go.

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