How to use the Family Package?

IPTV Family Package

How to use the Family Package?

1. For example when you have a 12months subscription code (USD199.99), then you can order Sub-Device Code(USD79.99) to activate another device, Enjoying Family Package and Saving 60% with Family Fun. Now it supports 2 Sub devices simultaneously.

2. One Sub-Device code can activate one device. That meaning the second device needs one Sub-Device Code, the third device needs another Sub-Device Code.

3. Install iview HD Plus APK on one Device to make it Master Device. And install IPTV Sub-Device APK on another device to make it Sub-Device (Salve).

4. For the Family Package, Please use one on ONE IP Network consequently.

5. Here the Family Package Fee for ONE/TWO/THREE Devices:

Subscription Fee in Total, one code only for one device.

One Device USD199.99

Two Devices USD279.98=USD199.99 + USD79.99

Three Devices USD359.97=USD199.99 + USD79.99 + USD79.99

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For more details, see our about IPTV Sub-Device FAQ.